Kathleen Jenkins


Hi, I'm Kathleen, the blogger for RecycleChic. I am a college student, majoring in Strategic Communications at Seattle University. My greatest passion in life is fashion, but the state of the planet and the fashion industry's abuse of it---hurts me in my soul.


My mission with RecycleChic is to inspire the fashion-savvy to be environmentally friendly. I aspire to inspire, fellow fashion lovers to shop recycled and borrowed first, instead of buying new. I hope to set a trend to renew, repair, donate, share and sell our "last season's" fashions, so we create less waste and pollution in our lifetimes, as we say in fashion, "less is more." Overall, I want us to make more conscious and sustainable fashion choices on a daily basis, so together, us fashion-savvy consumers can set the most important trend of the century: the one that saves our planet.